10 Best Internet Security Podcasts

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of internet security? Are you in search of a fantastic podcast to achieve this aim? On today’s list, we have some of our favourite internet security podcasts.

You can check out some of the podcasts while you are stuck in traffic, doing dishes, or driving. Podcasts are becoming popular because they are one of the secure and straightforward means of getting recent information. The popularity of cybersecurity podcasts has increased.

Lots of IT-inclined people have shown interest in internet security podcasts. IT companies are looking for the best internet security podcasts to listen to, especially for the sake of their infrastructure or business.

These podcasts have great content ranging from different topics and incidents. With a lot of great podcasts out there, we will provide you with some enjoyable and intelligent internet security podcasts.

We will be sorting our internet security recommendation into four segments: The Independent Podcasts, The Educational and Professional Podcasts, Media Podcasts, and Vendor Podcasts.

The Independent Podcasts

1. Security Now!:

This podcast is hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. It is a weekly podcast that lasts for about two hours, and discussions are centred on essential security concerns such as news, long-standing issues, solutions, and interests.

Their speciality is majorly personal security, as they offer priceless insights on how to help your audience surmount obstacles and improve your safety.

Here are some episodes to listen to;

  • Episode #709: URL “Ping” Tracking
  • Episode #708: Tesla, Pwned
  • Episode #703: Out in the Wild

2. Risky Business:

Risky Business is one of the most listened-to podcasts in information security. Risky business takes light-hearted looks at information security news. This podcast is known for covering most frightening hacks and learning from guests. The host of Risky business is Patrick Gray.

Here are some risky business podcasts you can check out:

  • Risky Business#537-Assange arrested, WordPress ecosystem on fire
  • Risky Business#534-Manning back in clink automotive industry under attack
  • Risky Business #533-Ghidra release, NSA discontinues metadata program, and more

3. Security Weekly:

The security weekly has been going on for 11 years. It deals with IT security news, susceptibility, hacking, research topics, and IT-related issues. The host of Security Weekly is Paul Asadoorian and co-hosted with a special guest.

The goal of Security Weekly is to reach a global audience and share insights and information. It assists the audience in learning, growing, and becoming intelligent professionals.

Here are three episodes to bench on while checking security weekly:

  • OceanLotus, Russia,& Google- Paul’s Security Weekly #599
  • Mary Beth Borgwing, Cyber Social Club- Paul’s Security Weekly #599
  • Threat Hunting & AI Hunter, ACM- Paul’s Security Weekly

4. The Unsupervised Learning Podcast:

The host of this podcast, Daniel Miessler, is an information security professional and writer. He reads books, articles, and listens to podcasts about security and technology.

He summarizes all of these in his podcasts and gives the latest happenings. You can find lots of learning materials on the unsupervised learning archive. It provides all the information you require with an entertaining twist.

Here are some episodes you would enjoy on unsupervised learning:

  • Unsupervised Learning No. 169
  • Unsupervised Learning No. 171
  • Unsupervised Learning No. 173

Educational and Professional Podcasts

Picture of Best Cyber Security podcast

1. SANS ISC Daily Stormcasts:

SANS is one of the biggest and trusted security training and research resources. The SANS ISC Daily Stormcasts is a branch of the SANS Storm Center that features 5-10 minutes of informed security threats.

This podcast keeps professionals and organizations up to date on the latest and most critical threats. SANS Internet Storm Center Handlers host the podcast.

Here is some podcast you can check out:

  • Finding Domain Admins; X-Protect Covering PE Files; Hotspot Password Leak; Github Hosting Phishing Pages
  • Malicious UDF Files; Facebook Clear Text Passwords; Iranian Hackers Hacked; Win8 Live Tiles Takeover

2. OWASP Podcast:

The hosts of the OWASP podcast series is Mark Miller and Jim Manico. The podcast is majorly an interview of industrial experts, volunteers, and security heads that provides you with priceless insights on web application security.

You will also find archives of podcasts originally hosted by Jim Manico with OWASP’s volunteers and experts in the field of web application security.

Some podcasts you should check out:

  • Less than 10 Minutes Series: OWASP DockerHub with Simon Bennetts
  • Security Processes at the Apache Software Foundation w/Mark Thomas and Brian Fox

Media Podcasts

1. The CyberWire Podcast:

CyberWire podcast always offers a peek into happenings in cyberspace. They also provide brief reviews on the latest news and important details you will require to stay up-to-date on the security landscape. The host of this podcast is David Bittner, with other partners giving daily briefings and longer podcasts.

An episode of CyberWire you can check out:

  • CyberWire Daily: Mueller Report is out. Sea Turtle DNS-manipulation campaign.

2. Security Current:

Various persons do the current security host. Its founder is a veteran journalist and IT network security marketing executive, Aimee Rhodes. It is an information and collaboration community that offers CISO ideas, peer drive research, and analysis, practical advice, and discussions. They focus on issues that can help leading CISO executives and companies make insightful decisions.

Here is an episode you can check out:

  • Bay Dynamics CEO Discusses How to Gain Insight into Security Risks Using User Behavior Analytics.

Vendor Podcasts

1. Hak5:

Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse host this entertaining web show. It is now one of the longest-running shows on YouTube. It also creates innovative penetration testing devices and immersive information security training alongside its award-winning weekly podcast.

The podcast discusses source software, pen testing, network infrastructure, and everything in between. Hak5 also has other sister shows, such as HakTip, ThreatWire, and Metasploit Minute.

You can check out this episode:

    • Inside Glytch’s hacker bag- Hak5 2515

2. DevlopSec:

The host of DevelopSec is James Jardine, an information technology professional with over 15 years of experience. He is also the founder and significant consultant at Jardine Software Inc. DevelopSec aims to support security awareness. Jardine is also a co-host to a popular podcast called Down the Security Rabbit Hole podcast.

You can check out the following episodes from DevelopSec:

  • Application Fingerprinting
  • Authentication Alerts
  • Implementation Matters


You can listen to any of the listed podcasts and learn the one you enjoy the most. Start listening and learning from today. Authority hackers have few podcasts on internet security, which you can check out.